What Is The Probability Of Low Dose Allergy Therapy Treatment?

Different types of allergens include indoor/outdoor, food and drug, latex, insect, skin, and eye. Allergies occur when the body reacts to a substance it interprets as a harmful “invader.” One way to relieve allergy symptoms is through LDA or Low Dose Allergy Therapy, which enhances and teaches the immune system to disregard harmless substances, also called allergens.

As a matter of fact, LDA can work wonders on both environmental allergens (like dust) and internal allergens (like food). LDA consists of extremely low-dose injections that work to restore the natural active immune tolerance to specific environmental allergens. Moreover, these low-dose injections contain broad-based mixtures of common allergens made active by a natural substance built by the human body known as glucuronidase.

How Does LDA Treatment Work?

There will be an increase in T cells (the helpers) after the treatment of LDA therapy. Helper T cells help regulate the immune system, not fight off foreign substances. The helpers control the immune system, keep the immune system tolerant, and prevent autoimmune diseases from developing.

Not only that, but the helpers also address unnecessary responses to the foreign substances, which “shuts off” the allergic reaction. In fact, the original T Cells were not doing that, but with the LDA treatment, the reaction does not take long to appear. The helpers and the glucuronidase in the dose team up and help with this function. 

Correspondingly, the job of glucuronidase is to increase the effectiveness of the tiny amount of foreign substances (allergens) contained in the LDA formula. Therefore, there are safe, small amounts of allergens that retrain the immune system not to react.

What Does The Treatment Process Look Like?

Firstly, the tiny injection of LDA is injected into the forearm, and patients can receive an average of 1-2 doses per treatment. However, injections for LDA are initially administered with a two-month gap between appointments. Time is extended between injection appointments as the patient progresses with the treatments until they are down to only once a year so that patients can expect fewer injections in the future.

In some cases, some patients were able to stop treatment for longer periods, longer than once a year. Note that most patients can go extended periods between injections or stop injections altogether after 16 to 18 months. On the other hand, 6 to 12 doses for 1 to 2 years of treatment may be necessary before results are noticeable for severe food allergies.

In general, there are over 60% of patients note a significant, positive response with their first treatment. 

What Does LDA Treat?

Low Dose Allergy is a safe and effective therapy for the relief of immune reactions, which also treats the following conditions:

  • Internal Allergens like Food Allergies (IgE / non IgE)
  •  Environmental Inhalant Allergies (Dust, Dog, fever, Hay, Mold, etc.) and Chemical Sensitivities
  • Food and Inhalant Related conditions
    • IBS, Inflammatory Bowel (Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis)
    • Other Colitis.
    • Autism Spectrum
    • ADHD Spectrum
    • Chronic Ear Infections, Tonsillitis
    • Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea
    • Asthma, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis
    • Food triggered Headaches and Migraines.
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Inflammatory Bowel, Inflammatory Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, ITP, Interstitial cystitis, Autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimotos), SLE (lupus).
  • Other Conditions:
    • Endometriosis
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Lyme disease
    • Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain, NAFLD,
    • Nephritic Syndrome
    • Re-current Strep
    • PANDAS
    • Chronic Vaginitis

Is LDA Safe?

LDA is generally a safe and effective treatment that uses a natural pathway of immune modulation at a strength less than the average. For over 10,000 patients in the US from 1993 to 2001, it has found no significant adverse reactions in an initial study. In another study in the US, LDA had better responses for repeated ear infections in children than any other condition in which they found that a reaction to foods often causes ear infections. 

Moreover, this treatment LDA is also a safe and effective procedure for relief of immune reactions to allergens, including:

  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Insect Bites
  • Pollen
  • Hay Fever
  • Mold
  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Medicines

What Are Precautionary Steps To Take For Optimum Effectivity?

Below are the essential recommendations for LDA to be beneficial:

  • Improving environmental controls for those with environmental and chemically triggered symptoms is important, so the contacts are minimized starting two days before the LDA injection. If one has these types of allergies, avoid cats and dogs, and clean a dusty or moldy house so that it’s free of dust or mold by the day before the shot. Stop using all fragrances and fabric softeners, more or less specific information will be given about the individual allergy triggers.
  • Use the nutrient protocol that enhances the effect of LDA between the injections.
  • Have the nutrient IV for LDA (LDA Booster) at the time of the LDA treatment.

What Are The Contraindications?

LDA should not be used during pregnancy. It is imperative to consult a Specialty Natural Medicine for things to be avoided during the LDA injection appointment or click on Diet Level I or II-III tabs. LDA is safe for nursing moms and children over two weeks of age. 

More importantly, let the doctor know of any history of eczema, asthma, skin allergy of any kind, hives, lips, face, or body swelling, autoimmune disease, anaphylactic reactions, or multiple severe reactions before receiving an LDA. This may require special preparation.

Diet During the three critical Days: The day before the shot, the day after the shot, and the day after.

Only eat:

Lamb, fish, rabbit, sweet potatoes, yams, white potatoes, celery and carrots, lettuce (outer leaves only, unless cooked), cabbage, parsnips, rutabagas, taro, tapioca starch, pure baking soda, filtered or bottled water, some rare meats ok.

Avoid medications/herbs whenever possible on three critical days, especially on the day of LDA.

The Bottom Line

LDA is a treatment for allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance to inhalants, foods, and chemicals. Waco Center for Functional Medicine, PLLC offers Low Dose allergies to treat such conditions as seasonal allergies, asthma, and food allergies and can treat autoimmunity. Ultimately, LDA differs from conventional allergy therapy since it works to decrease the histamine response to allergens in the first place by regulating antibody production.

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