Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

If you are searching for answers for you or a loved one about your health condition or symptoms, we are here to help. Our goal is to equip you and empower you as we work together to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms and diagnoses. We believe in educating our patients on how their lifestyle choices affect them physically and mentally to make better decisions regarding both food and exercise habits that will lead to optimal wellness.

What is Functional Medicine?

In Functional Medicine, we look for the underlying cause of each symptom or disease. Instead of throwing a pill at a symptom or disease, we believe there is ALWAYS a reason why the body is not functioning properly. People ask, “What exactly do you do?” It’s simple.

  • We ask questions.

  • We dig deep into your history.

  • We run state-of-the-art testing that you will not find in your regular doctor’s office.

  • We listen to you and understand your concerns.

All of these things point us in the direction of getting your body back to the normal homeostasis that it is meant to have.

Some of the benefits of Functional Medicine include:

Personalized Approach

In Functional Medicine, we use a personalized approach to health care. We appreciate that each and every person has unique and individual bodies that react differently to medications, environment, stress, and supplements. We partner with you to create a unique treatment plan that addresses your concerns while treating the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms.

Functional medicine is an approach to health in which the practitioner and patient work together to discover disease causes. This practice involves examining your unique history, environment, lifestyle, and underlying factors to develop a health-enhancing plan to help you recover from illness.

State of the Art

We utilize state-of-the-art testing to uncover the root cause of illness. This includes extensive gut health panels, mold toxicity testing, heavy metal testing, advanced genetic testing, organic acids testing, in-depth hormonal testing, adrenal fatigue panels and more. Conventional medicine testing is limited by what insurance companies will allow. With Functional Medicine, we use an “outside the box” approach to uncovering causes for common symptoms and medical conditions – and our patients actually get results without long term prescriptions that cover up the root cause!

Combines traditional medicine with alternative treatment methods. Despite the strengths of conventional medicine for severe illnesses, this approach acknowledges that conventional medicine does not have tools to manage chronic conditions. Functional medicine practitioners utilize all the healing tools to help their chronic disease patients recover. This approach combines multiple approaches and pays special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, and mental functioning to promote well-being and vitality.

True Healthcare

A functional approach to healthcare differs from the disease-care model of conventional medicine because we are always asking the question “why” is the symptom there in the first place. Whereas conventional medicine attempts to categorize a list of symptoms into a diagnosis and give a prescription treatment to mask the symptoms {which often creates new symptoms}. Our goal is for you to learn more about your body and how it works. So that YOU can be empowered to feel your best.
A functional approach to healthcare differs from the disease-care model of conventional medicine. These methods combine multiple factors, such as lifestyle, supplements, diet, stress reduction, exercise, and nutrition, to promote the health of your organs to prevent illness and promote vibrant, sustained health.

root cause seekers

Traditionally, healthcare practitioners diagnose a condition and then administer medicine for that particular condition. Instead of diagnosing a bunch of symptoms, we as Functional Medicine providers focus more on the underlying dysfunctions or imbalances. The underlying causes of a disease can include: gut imbalances or infections, hormone imbalance, inability to detoxify, heavy metal toxicity, Chronic infections like Lyme or Epstein-Barr virus, mold toxicity, nutrient deficiency and so much more. Conventional medicine tends to look at the body in separate organ systems whereas, we look at the body as a whole. When system is malfunctioning, it will affect the entire body. Our goal is always to identify the underlying causes of your illness, address the root cause and formulate a long-term solution.

Uncover the root of your symptoms.

Step 01 — Getting to know you & your health.

You may not realize this, but your health history has a LOT to do with how you feel today. We analyze extensive health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptom presentation to identify potential causes of your symptoms.

Step 02 — In-depth testing & analysis.

Comprehensive blood work and specialty testing like stool testing for gut health, toxicity testing, advanced hormonal testing, genetic testing, Lyme & tick-borne illness testing, etc., give us clues as to what is contributing to current symptoms and how to formulate a plan to address and reverse these symptoms.

Step 03 — Personalized treatment plan.

Receive your tailored treatment plan, which includes recommendations on supplement regimens, nutrition, movement, lifestyle adjustments, and more.

Step 04 - Support.

This process can be overwhelming at times. That is why we developed our membership model. With this model, we have created online educational modules that are easy to understand and implement and access to your health team via messaging if a question arises during your treatment course.

Step 05 — Normalize.

Once we find and treat the root cause of illness, many clients can resume life as usual with minimal dietary changes and only a few daily maintenance supplements. At Waco Center for Functional Medicine, our goal is NOT for you to be on 20 supplements for the rest of your life, but instead to find answers as to why you need these supplements, treat the underlying cause, then identify which lifestyle changes and a minimal amount of supplements you need a long term for optimal wellness.


Try a session and see if it’s right for you.

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