How It Works

give yourself the gift of health

Uncover the root of your symptoms.

Step 01 — Getting to know you & your health.

You may not realize this, but your health history has a LOT to do with how you feel today. We analyze extensive health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptom presentation to identify potential causes of your symptoms.

Step 02 — In-depth testing & analysis.

Comprehensive bloodwork, and specialty testing like stool testing for gut health, toxicity testing, advanced hormonal testing, genetic testing, Lyme & tick-borne illness testing etc. give us clues as to what is contributing to current symptoms and how to formulate a plan to address and reverse these symptoms.

Step 03 — Personalized treatment plan.

Receive your tailored treatment plan, which includes recommendations on supplement regimens, nutrition, movement, lifestyle adjustments, and more.

Step 04 - Support.

This process can be overwhelming at times. That is why we developed our membership model. With this model, we have created online educational modules that are easy to understand and implement as well as access to your health team via messaging in case if a question arises during your treatment course.

Step 05 — Normalize.

Once we find and treat the root cause of illness, many clients are able to resume life as usual with minimal dietary changes and only a few daily maintenance supplements. At Waco Center for Functional Medicine, our goal is NOT for you to be on 20 supplements for the rest of your life, but instead to find answers as to why you need these supplements, treat the underlying cause, then identify which lifestyle changes and minimal amount of supplements you need long term for optimal wellness.
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of our patients see improvements in their symptoms

Find the answers you have been searching for.

We ran the numbers

improved digestive symptoms 96%
improved PMS symptoms 90%
improved fatigue 92%
improved skin conditions 89%
improved in brain fog 93%

Watch these videos to find out more about our approach!

Want to learn more about how we treat our clients and the tests that we use? Look no further!! We have created these videos to answer commonly asked questions about our practice, our approach and the types of testing that we order for our clients.

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