Amy Nold From Waco Center for Functional Medicine
Amy Nold, PA-C, is a board-certified Functional Medicine Physician Assistant trained in Functional Medicine. She has 10 years of experience in women’s health, and it is her passion to help others find answers to their health concerns. Amy was intrigued with Functional Medicine when she saw a few of her colleagues posting about their Functional Medicine journeys.  As she continued to treat women for hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety etc. she began to observe that the treatment (birth control, antidepressants etc) was often ineffective or it created more problems.  This is when she began asking the question “Is there something more to all of this that we are missing? What is the root cause of these imbalances and why aren’t we treating those?” 
She then began to think of her own family’s health. Her son was being treated for eczema, allergies and constipation and wasn’t improving.  Also, her husband had been diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 16 and had been on medication since. In both of these situations, no one had ever asked the question “WHY are they struggling with these conditions in the first place?”  She began researching and treating her own family and within a few months, her husband was able to stop his blood pressure medication.  Amy also had her own hormonal health journey after being on birth control for over 12 years which caused a cascade of side effects.  Through very specific testing, practicing a balanced lifestyle, making sure she is fueling her body with proper nutrition and optimizing detoxification, Amy has managed to heal her hormones and feels better than ever!  
Amy is passionate about educating and equipping patients with practical tools in their health journey and helping them achieve their health goals. Click the link below to schedule and appointment with Amy! 

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